And I learned ‘You deserve better’

    was sometimes no more

    than a synonym for ‘I don’t want to hurt you,

    and I want you to be happy,

    but I don’t love you anymore.’

    Beau Taplin

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    She’s at it again Lol.

    I think this is her favorite song on the low.

    yea u know she listens to that often

    Lmaooooooooo she really upset

    I loved this explanation she is so authentic & I love it

    First love is scary because it’s like “holy crap, why is this person the first thing I think of in the morning, why am I disappointed when I don’t dream of them? Why is the desire to be with them so much stronger than hunger and thirst and exhaustion? Why does their name look so pretty written down? Why do I feel like I just fell out of a 30 story building when they look at me, and why do I like it?” And you become so comfortable with them that when they leave, your body doesn’t know how to react because they were as common to you as breathing, and now you’re missing a vital part of yourself. You forget that you were someone before them. You think “I was so empty until I met them.” No, you were full. And when you learned about love, you were fuller. Now you’re back to where you were before, and you need to fill yourself with other things. Fall in love with the way sunflowers naturally curve to face the sun, and the way children have no idea about taxes. Fall in love with the fact that you’re here and you’re still able to feel. Fall in love with the idea that you’re still whole, even when it’s 3 am and you can’t remember how to breathe because you think they taught you how to do that.

    Lessons about Heartbreak from a Hypocrite by Megan M.


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    Gordo: setting the bar impossibly high for men since 2000



    May you have enough money to pay your bills this month with a little extra left over for a bit of fun.

    This is one of the nicest things to wish for someone

    Be careful who you vent to.
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    I simply adore the brown make up look from the 90s.

    Fall looks 2k14 tbh.